Monday, February 7, 2011

Google: Effecting the Revolt in Egypt...

We all read about what happened and is continuing to happen in Egypt as the people revolt. I, like many of you, read mainstream news sites and might only hear about the political aspects of the revolt. Interestingly, the tech community has a lot to talk about as well.

Google this week prepared to set up a text-to-tweet service so the people in Egypt can communicate with the outside world without internet. I think this is a perfect "tell" on our world now: how corporations and businesses effect the world. Here, Google, and not a foreign government, is going to provide the ability and route for the Egyptian people to communicate. The idea is that the phones are still in service and you can text Google numbers and they will tweet it. Take a look:

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  1. Interesting to note Google's involvement in foreign politics- have you seen this article yet?

    In addition, sometimes I wonder if this is google's way of showing that they are pro people's rights after that small fiasco that happened in China (I think it was) when they initially agreed to censor the internet, they quickly decided that was against their beliefs and pulled out of the deal with the Chinese government.