Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Continuing my previous post: How technological companies are affecting the Middle East...

This week the King of Saudi Arabia set up a Facebook page to connect with the people better. Despite Facebook being the cause of a lot of the civil unrest in the Middle East these past weeks, Saudi Arabia set it up and posted phone and fax numbers. The page will not allow posting, to prevent a "Facebook" protest, but it will be up to date with new information and contact information.

I think, perhaps, the motive of such a page can be to gain favor with the people and prevent the spread of revolt here. If the people have a sufficient outlet for their problems and this outlet is Facebook, at least externally it will look like the Saudi Arabian government is more liberal. Imagine you are from Saudi Arabia and you hear about all the protests over the lack of internet and your own government encourages it's use.

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  1. and perhaps instead of "taking it to the streets" in protest, saudi arabians now have an outlet where they can call to communicate their concerns. Perhaps through this they won't feel like there is no way to get anyone to listen to them, and thus wont think they have to light themselves on fire to be heard.