Saturday, March 5, 2011

Nixon: Did his actions create the seemingly Moral President?

We mentioned in class how Nixon's actions increased the amount that the media watched the president. Because of him, the scrutiny of the president by the media increased and presidents had to start worrying about their image. Past presidents were not the most moral of people (they might have been good people, but they clearly had moral flaws, JFK being a good example because he was known as promiscuous yet is one of the most beloved presidents).

This can be good or bad: On the one hand, the president is being held to a higher moral standard or at least he is being pressured to watch his actions and to not act so lewd in public, creating this image of morality. On the other hand, the president is having lower positioned people make statements and leak things to the public because he can't be heard saying certain things. Meaning, since he is being scrupulously watched, he has to have more deniablity and as a result will lie and be in favor of having other people do his dirty work... It sort of makes him "morally false"...

I can't think which is better.

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